Hi, I’m Leigha, the person behind the camera at Perfectly Posed Photography and I. Love. My. Job.


It’s true! I snuggle sweet newborns and coo at adorable babies – at “work” – it doesn’t get much better than that! I have 1 kiddo of my own who, lucky for me, is never sick of having her photo taken and an amazing husband who never tries to supress my need for creativity and keeping busy.

I have recently had a change in direction in my photography and would best describe my images as 'minimalist'.  The reason for this is that I want parents to be able to hang their image in any room in any house for years to come and by adding a lot of tizzy props it can take away from the beauty of the baby. I focus on mostly white images but may add a dash of colour in the way of a wrap or headband for variety, or use all black backgrounds for beautiful high contrast black and whites. That said, I take direction from my clients and value their input for every pose or prop and I never use anything the parents don't want. After all this is YOUR session.

As a result of my ongoing professional development, training and experience, I am proud to say that I have been

accepted into the International Association of Newborn Photography. Wow, Wow, WOW!!! 


So, who is Leigha really???

My favourite colour is teal and I talk really fast when I am excited! I love, love, love learning new things. I would honestly wilt away to nothing without You Tube and Google to teach me something new. My favourite place in the whole world is in the studio, seconded only to being with my little family . I love cleaning the house (yes its true) and playing with my Miss 4. My least favourite household chore is bath time (cant get her in and then cant get her out) but nothing beats a freshly washed kiddo to cuddle, oh and I have been known to use the dryer just so I don't have to hang things on the line!

So! Don't wait - give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your newborn shoot 

Newborn Photographer