A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman's pregnant belly as a keepsake of her pregnancy. It can also be known as a belly mask, pregnancy belly cast, a pregnant plaster cast, or prenatal cast.

Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, although a series of casts may also be made during the pregnancy. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline and adding strips of wet plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast.

The application itself takes about 20 minutes and the plaster sets enough to remove in about 20–30 minutes. Then it takes one or two days for the cast to dry completely.

We have a few options for mums at Perfectly Posed depending on what they are after.

Package A - $180.00

Belly casting only, left raw, bandages visible, rustic​

Package B  - $400       

A complete belly casting and a Newborn Mini Session which includes:

  • 1 hour photo shoot using the bowl prop

  • Sneak peak of images on our facebook page

  • Online gallery of all images taken on the day (watermarked)

  • Your choice of 4 edited images in both high and low resolution

What happens on the day

 The water used has to be cool in order for me to have more time to smooth and mould it BUT our room is fully heated for cold days 

You will need loose clothing and items you dont mind getting dirty if plaster goes astray (although i am super careful),  a tshirt you can roll all the way up or a crop top would be best. 


I have a reclining massage chair for comfort depending on how long the plaster takes to dry but generally it only takes 20 minutes.


As I need to use Vaseline and latex gloves please ensure you do not have any allergies.